Monday, December 28, 2009

study~study~study~makes me no happy~~~

urgh!!!finally im quite free from sinusitis which cause me so much suffering in the past 2 weeks.n cuz of the persistent headache i had in the past 1 week(from sinusitis), i din read at all!!!
the clock is ticking!
left 5 days to end of module!
and im just in the 1st 3 lecture note....................
guess gota work harder to catch up..

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I had been having flu for 1 week already. and it's still not going away!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can't stand kebodohness

So the story starts like this. Jusco had 2 big sale days for its members. and so, we went to jusco to do some shopping. it was so crowded inside!!like pasar malam, there are guys who used speaker making announcement like 'happy hour!belt,tie 70%,last for 1 hour only!'. so many people there, trying to grab some of the nice stuff n bring them back home, showing their smartness for able to shop for good stuff using a much more cheaper price. and for me, sure im not gona to lose to them!ngek ngek!

after few hours walking around...i only grab 2 shirts...T_T....too bad im too thin to fit those nice and cheap t-shirt....gota eat more!

and so, after then we went to fill up our tummy!i had a korean taufu nice.and the only thing i can say is it's not that nice!RM14 something for a bowl of rice, many taufu, curry soup, 2 or 3 'lala' and only 1 prawn inside!felt like being cheated!(though it's together with kim chi and the other stuff,but all sets of meal are come along with that...)imagine u pay RM14 to have some curry taufu u can get for about RM5 the max from pasar or anywhere else!walao!but never mind la...wat's eaten is eaten..

and so, we headed to the car park to return to our hostel. only when we reached the parking lot, yilian told me:'kent, u don't need to pay for ur parking?'

OMG!how could i forget bout this??!!i came all the way up here, waited so long for the lift to come then i 4got to pay the parking ticket!!!memang BODOH

and so, i went down using the stairs, trying to check the machine at every car parked at 5c. i went to 5a,4th,3rd floor.but i still cant find the machine.hence, i decided to ask for assistance from some1 working in There. and then she told me,'oh, u'll meet the pay counter along the way u drive out.' =.=.....speechless....

then, i ran all the way up from ground floor to 5c......then, started to drive following 'keluar' sign. and by following the sign, i drove up and down, then only i realized that i had been making a foolish round there.i mean i actually go back to the place where i parked my car after i made few turns...then, i tried to look for exit...rupa-rupanya, the exit way is just in front of the place i parked my car just now....=.=.....speechless....(the people iin my car keep saying BODOH!)=.=....

and then never mind, wateva, i found my way out anyway! and then finally!i reached the counter to pay for the parking ticket.there are three counters open for payment...

forgive me if it's a bit blur.let me describe to u. so the two counters on your left hand side is for Zone U parking(cuz i saw a big sign there written--ZONE U). then the right 1 is for PREMIER parking, written there.

and so,i waited patiently for the cars to pass cuz there're quite a number of cars, waiting there for my turn.
as i waited, i saw this.....

there're about two or three cars 'kostan' balik after entering the middle counter. So, i made a conclusion in my mind and said:'these people, memang BODOH!Park di Premier, pay di ZONE U,BODOH!'

and so i saw these bodohs made their way out of the counter and went to the Premier counter to pay.

that time, i was waiting on the left lane. i saw another bodoh making his way out of the middle lane.
and so i said:'Memang BODOH! Mari saya gantikan U!'
and i moved my car,cutting the queue where lots of cars waiting there while the car 'kostan'.

haha!!i felt myself so bad that time. then i said:' the cars behind must be vy angry of me for making this cut!haha!'

then the next moment, i saw no1 at the counter, the paying machine looked like rosak d...
and u know wat comes to my mind that time?
'no wonder the cars keep kostan balik, not becuz they parked at Premier but the machine is rosak!'
and the BODOHs i scolded just now, they're not. but me, im the 1 who rushed to be a BODOH!wth!i was RUSHING to be a BODOH!!!!!!!!!!!so so so BODOH!!!
and then i felt so embarrassed that i asked the guy near there to pay for me at the next counter(cuz i dowan to kostan,vy pai se leh!!!)
but then he said, kenot kenot, u have to kostan and pay the other counter......

with no options left, i reversed my car, same as the other cars before this and paid the ticket at the Premier counter.............

those people in my car, u know wat they said??
'BODOH, u cut people's queue and so rush to be a BODOH!!'.....
'people behind wont be angry with u but pity of u cuz u rushed so much to be a BODOH!wakaka'

and then after i exit the counter, i wanted to find a way out back to KL, then there written another signboard, KELUAR KE KUALA LUMPUR, but i took a second thought, becuz of the KELUAR just now in the parking lot, so i think i better take the other way where lots of cars are going that side.

Soon, i realized that the way i took was so heavily jam!and i was trapped in a traffic jam....=.=.....

from all the BODOH events above, i can conclude, BODOH things happen after the Korean taufu rice. so, don't eat too much Korean taufu.....=.=.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Body language

After almost 20 and a half years of life, now only i realized the importance of body language!!!too late but not late anymore!
i remember some1 told me that u can know a person well from his or her body language!words, communications are slow, ineffective and lots of lies inside.the deepest thing is being shown so superficially on face expression and body language!
just found out it's quite a fact!good 1!

Friday, November 27, 2009


okay!it's another whole new semester. no pulling back this time! set more targets already! gota achieve at least some of it! GOGOGOGO!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's 'leg-breaking'....

i walked from 9am to 11pm!awesome!

I was freaked!and once again, i am freaked again!

At this moment and any moments onwards starting from this minute, i am deeply shocked of girls' power of walking down the street and shopping around with their heads extended so long and look for any words like '70%', 'sale', 'buy 2 free 1' etc.=.=...
my legs are almost condemned due to lactate acidosis!walao!and my only work is to become a free 'guli'. 'Hey, carry this. n err..this too!thx.'
and the next moment, 'look at these items v bought, v gota go to the shop beside and shop around.won't take a long time. v'll be back soon.'
n their 'soon' is at least half an hour!
and after 8 hours of walking+shopping, finally, i can go back was 6.30pm.
and then on the way to the taxi stand, it took me 1 and a half hour to reach!!!!!!!!!!!!another half an hour, i can reach ipoh from KL!!!Y?because the tags '$3', 'Buy 1 free 1', '$6' and all these stuff...=.=...
and now, it's 8.25pm, with severe lactate acidosis, im lying here, on the sweet, soft sofa, typing here. n im going out later again(most probably). but this part is better. haha. i can go wherever i want!lolx!
Good luck and bye :)
surrendered to Girls' POWER.................................................................................u girls have got strong legs.............................